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Getting insight on how people perceive you, is an important factor for building a brand and for business development. The best way to get better is to receive the honest and brutal truth. If you are acting like an ass, people should tell you, nicely. That is the only way you can improve.

Giving is as important.

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How do you get unlimited quality introductions?

How many clients do you rank as your “A” clients? Are they throwing you so many unsolicited introductions, you don’t know what to do? It’s all about giving to give.

In the video, you’ll find out some useful tips. From creating a file, based on the MacKay 66, to sending cards on holiday’s that most people do not send cards, like Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July (get ready). The more you service your client the better. Solidify the foundation of the relationship and start to build your skyscraper. It starts with trust and communication. There is no reason you cannot call all of your clients once a month to just say, hello.

Start today and get quality introductions like never before.

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Passion, Wisdom & Positivity

Passion drives every successful business. Hear about two girls in the city of Chicago who started a community called They shared their story today at Techweek Chicago 2012.

Sharing wisdom is key to be resourceful to the people that look to you for help and even the one’s that don’t. Get some wisdom from the master.

Last, be find positive. No reason to be negative and to be mean to people. You are building a brand. It today’s world you have a personal brand to uphold whether you like it or not.

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TechWeek Chicago 2012, SBAC, Intro’s, & More

Yesterday was one heck of a day. Techweek Chicago started off terrific. The SBAC is doing some amazing things for small and mid sized companies in Illinois and hear about some people you should know.

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