The Story

The DoughMarket is a community blog that provides marketing tips, how to videos, showcases businesses & people, tips, experiences and my personal favorite, STORIES. It was created for you. We want YOU to share information from past experience and knowledge to the rest of the followers. We encourage everyone who visits the blog to share their stories, we can all learn from each other.

The blog is to help everyone increase their business life as well as their personal life. As we all know, our business life directly affects our personal life.

This also a selfish way for me, Brandon Lewin, to share my expertise, knowledge and experiences. Everyday I am learning. It does not matter what it is. You never know what each situation beholds in the form of a learning experience. One of my many passions is helping people. I, literally, get goose bumps and a warm fuzzy feeling inside, when I hear success stories from people I directly help. Whether it was information they heard on the blog or during a speaking engagement or it was a introduction I made for them. No matter the circumstances, the blog was rebuilt to provide me an opportunity to get an even bigger fix. That’s right…I am a fiend.


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