Passion, Wisdom & Positivity

Passion drives every successful business. Hear about two girls in the city of Chicago who started a community called They shared their story today at Techweek Chicago 2012.

Sharing wisdom is key to be resourceful to the people that look to you for help and even the one’s that don’t. Get some wisdom from the master.

Last, be find positive. No reason to be negative and to be mean to people. You are building a brand. It today’s world you have a personal brand to uphold whether you like it or not.


About Brandon M. Lewin

Marketing and training run through my blood. That is why I love what I do. Being an intricate piece in the marketing success of Cardinal Path Training Academy has been a dream. Its imperative for us to share our knowledge with a community of people and organizations who desperately need guidance in the fields of digital intelligence and marketing. The future depends on it. I also get the chance to teach people with hands-on, real world experience workshops. That is so much fun to infotain. Beyond my passion for my work, my family is my everything. Chicago sports is a close third.
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