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The New Direction of Office Design

As technology continues to evolve and influence the way we work, businesses and design firms are beginning to rethink the “standard office” concept. The wireless capabilities of phones and computers has kick-started a mobile workforce, coined such because people are no longer confined to a stationary desk in order to answer phone calls and complete everyday tasks. Continue reading

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Should I Use ETF’s, Mutual Funds, or Annuities For My Retirement Portfolio?

We have a guest blogger this week, Tim Bodnar Managing Director of Huron Investments:

Historically 401K plans have only offered Mutual Funds and Group Annuities to Retirement Plans. Recently a new Investment has become available to 401K investors Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s). So let’s take a deeper look at these 3 contenders for our investment dollars.
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Small Things That Mean A Lot: The Word Help

In today’s society, trust and relationships are more critical than ever. We have experienced a recession that has been compared to the Great Depression. Within the current recession we have seen people robbing each other of, in some circumstances, their life savings. … Continue reading

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Slogans – To Do or Not to Do?

What do you think of when you think of a slogan? You might think of Nike “Just Do It” or Milk “Got Milk?” or even Lowe’s “Let’s Build Something Together”. All different size businesses use slogans and use them for good reasons. Slogans are extremely effective. People’s attention spans are very short and first impressions are everything. So, how does a slogan overcome these objections? They simply sum up your mission as a company into a short, yet effective and memorable phrase. Continue reading

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Blogging today is essential for any business. Continue reading

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A Little Piece of Advice…Have a “Give First Mentality”!

Throughout the week we have been in very different circumstances. What we have found to be a useful tip to everyone who is marketing themselves and Networking is this…practice the “Give First Mentality”. Continue reading

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