Fear Experiment

Fear Experiment
Are you looking to:
– immerse yourself in an uber-supportive community of positive people?
– challenge yourself?
– learn a new skill?
– be a rockstar?
– have an experience of a lifetime?

Then Fear Experiment is for you!

  • People who aren’t amazing at a particular art form sign up solo to rehearse for three months and then perform in front of a Park West audience of 700+
  • You choose the art form you want to try — this Fall is a capella singing and stepping (not sure what stepping is?  Check out this video!)
  • Fear Experiment Three will begin this Fall and conclude with a Park West show in December

“Participating in FE was one of the most transformative experiences of my life.” – past participant

Attending an information session this summer is mandatory to apply, and only one remains!  Go here for more info/to sign up.

Fear Experiment is produced by Saya Hillman of Mac ‘n Cheese Productions.


About Brandon M. Lewin

Marketing and training run through my blood. That is why I love what I do. Being an intricate piece in the marketing success of Cardinal Path Training Academy has been a dream. Its imperative for us to share our knowledge with a community of people and organizations who desperately need guidance in the fields of digital intelligence and marketing. The future depends on it. I also get the chance to teach people with hands-on, real world experience workshops. That is so much fun to infotain. Beyond my passion for my work, my family is my everything. Chicago sports is a close third.
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