Twitter is Deadly

Written by: Brandon Lewin

“Twitter is like giving an insane person a gun…just crazy!” That is a direct quote from whom else, TNT Analyst Charles Barkley. He was a guest on the Waddle & Silvy Show on ESPN Radio 1000 in Chicago, last week. Not only is that a hilarious statement, but in some ways true. Charles describes Twitter as “a great place to get information out”, but he does not think people need to follow a person, a celebrity, an athlete just to hear what that person ate for breakfast or what time that person decides to embark in their daily hygienic routines. That could not be more true. I love Chuck. He speaks his mind and makes bold statements. As much as Charles is as far as possible from being an expert on Social Media, he does have the right idea.

People need to use Twitter to put out information to the world, promote a blog or website, and even use it to develop meaningful relationships, but not to use it to track your every move. You are your brand and what you put out there is a direct reflection of your Brand. Twitter needs not to be used for a popularity contest. This is not high school. You are looking for quality followers not an abundance of people who will not be able to use your information, will never read your materials, will never become a client or never forward your information to their contacts. The Tweetosphere is a place to put out your opinions. It is a micro blog. Blogs are an outlet for people to express their opinions, their thoughts, and passions of a niche subject. Tweeting is the same as blogging, just in 140 characters or less. Now, keep in mind Twitter is not for everyone. Just because everyone else is using the micro-blog does not mean you have to. Like your mother used to say, “If they all decide to jump off a bridge, are you going to?” If you do decide to take the leap of faith keep in mind a few pointers:

  1. Have a Strategy
  2. Base it around a Hub (blog or website)
  3. Stay consistent
  4. Be disciplined
  5. Tweet between 2-5 times a day, but do not be annoying

There you go. You now have information from the ultimate critic, Charles Barkley, the opinion of person who does Social Media Marketing for a living, and a few solid pointers that any beginner needs to abide by. The best piece of advice is, do not be afraid, just try it. Give it a month or two, if you like it and feel there is something that comes out of your effort than continue on your journey. However, if it does not work for your Marketing Strategy, do not waste your time. See you in my Tweets!

About Brandon M. Lewin

Marketing and training run through my blood. That is why I love what I do. Being an intricate piece in the marketing success of Cardinal Path Training Academy has been a dream. Its imperative for us to share our knowledge with a community of people and organizations who desperately need guidance in the fields of digital intelligence and marketing. The future depends on it. I also get the chance to teach people with hands-on, real world experience workshops. That is so much fun to infotain. Beyond my passion for my work, my family is my everything. Chicago sports is a close third.
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