Online Newsletters vs. Blogs

Posted by Brandon Lewin


I was reading through some of the discussions posted in my groups on LinkedIn. There was a question posted that caught my attention. I thought this could help anyone who has questions about Online Newsletters vs. Blogs. Below you will read the question and my response. Please, share your thoughts and experiences.



Do you produce an online newsletter to send to your customers or do you just blog? If so what is in your newsletter that is not in other forms of communication you do? Interested in the value of a quarterly newsletter versus more active blog type of updates.



Good question.

We actually do both and that is what we suggest to clients. One of the advantages to blog posts are the speed that it is indexed on Google. Of course, one goal is to have a high-ranking blog on search engines; however that is a goal further down the line when you become more established in the blogosphere.

Advantage number 2: blogs over newsletters is the quickness of the information that is distributed out and how you can market your blog. Now a day, you can blast a post out to all your connections via social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.). By doing so, you are more likely to reach more people in a more efficient matter. It’s all about, word of mouth. As long as you are producing relevant and useful information to your audience, they are more likely to Tweet about it. When people start to Retweet your information, the possibilities are endless. That is the magic of the internet, you never know who it might reach, and how fast it will catch on.

Another distinct factor that a blog possess over a newsletter is the ability to read the information without having to opt in. People are not as keen to opting into to newsletters today as they used to be. Plus, people get enough emails as is. They want the information immediately.

Newsletters are great pieces to keep you in front of people you have met with, potential clients, current clients and people you network with. Not everyone who receives your newsletter will read your blog post. I suggest you use your post for the content within your Newsletter. Pick three of the best post between each new newsletter and use them. You should give them a title, write a short attention grabbing paragraph and attach a link that reads “Read more” at the bottom of each article to link them directly to the blog. You will notice a spike in traffic and you will grab a few more consistent readers to your blog. That is another way to increase the rankings of your blog.

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