The New Direction of Office Design

We have another Guest Blogger this Week, Erin Bodnar of EEB Interiors Design Firm:

As technology continues to evolve and influence the way we work, businesses and design firms are beginning to rethink the “standard office” concept.  The wireless capabilities of phones and computers has kick-started a mobile workforce, coined such because people are no longer confined to a stationary desk in order to answer phone calls and complete everyday tasks. 

 Many companies are taking this opportunity to break down cubicles and private offices to create more teaming spaces and inspire brainstorming.  While some employees may initially be hesitant to relinquish their personal space, they quickly realize they are gaining a variety of workspace solutions designed to fit every business need.  Spaces can range from single person phone enclaves for private phone calls, to lounge seating for teaming exercises.  Allowing people to select the work space that best suits their needs has also shown a boost in productivity.  For example, if a mobile office has created more open teaming areas, this might create more noise, in which instance a company many opt to add a library or quiet room where phones and talking are prohibited so employees can work in silence.  Studies have also shown that younger generations, who grew up studying at local coffee shops, are transitioning seamlessly because they strive for an “activity based work environment”.

While studies have proven the benefits of a flexible work environment, the main opposition continues to be the ability to create a sense of privacy for employees that work with private or sensitive matter.  The answer to this concern is simple – not every employee in an office needs to be 100% mobile.  For example, EEB Interiors Design Firm recently worked with a manufacturing company to create an office space that would fit each specific employee’s and department’s needs.  A mobile work space was developed with a variety of teaming areas and private enclaves for the company’s sales and IT departments, but the accounting and legal departments remained in private offices for security reasons.  This new trend in office design can easily be personalized to fit each client’s needs, and is definitely the future of the industry. 

As technology and office design continues to progress, it begs the question…is your office as efficient as it could be?

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