E-Introduction Example:

Hello Sandy & Hazel,

Hope you two are having a great Friday! Hazel, it was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday. I wanted to make this introduction in the regards that there can be a strong synergy here.

Hazel this is Sandy Siegal. Sandy is a wonderful lady. She is very sweet and a great CPA. She handles everything with the utmost care and is very detailed orientated. Sandy’s poises all the skills anyone would look for in a great CPA. Not only is Sandy an amazing person and professional, her business partner Karen Leavitt is also an accomplished CPA and a very caring lady. Keep in mind right now they are very busy, however I still wanted to make the introduction. Sandy can be contacted as follows:

Sandy Siegal, CPA

Leavitt Siegal, LLC

Sandy, this is Hazel Espinar. Hazel is a Lawyer that specializes in Trademarks and Copyrights. Actually, you two might remember each other from the Business Alliance Luncheon at the Mid-America Club. Anyway, Hazel and I had coffee yesterday and she is even better one on one Hazel is very knowledgeable, a seasoned networker, and an overall sweet lady. I think you two could be a great referral source for each other. Hazel’s contact info is:

Hazel Espinar

Attorney At Law


Good networking to the both of you! Please let me know if you need anything. Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,

Brandon Lewin



c: 773.524.8487



About Brandon M. Lewin

Marketing and training run through my blood. That is why I love what I do. Being an intricate piece in the marketing success of Cardinal Path Training Academy has been a dream. Its imperative for us to share our knowledge with a community of people and organizations who desperately need guidance in the fields of digital intelligence and marketing. The future depends on it. I also get the chance to teach people with hands-on, real world experience workshops. That is so much fun to infotain. Beyond my passion for my work, my family is my everything. Chicago sports is a close third.
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